Ireland's Best Maths Grinds

Ireland's Best Maths Grinds

1-1 Tailored Maths Grinds

Discover why Dublin Maths boasts the nation’s highest success rate. Experience our proven system first-hand with a 100% free trial class today.

5/5 on TrustPilot

Holly Devitt
Holly Devitt
As soon as I started learning from Sean I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I really enjoy his sessions and would strongly recommend Sean to anyone who struggles with Maths. Sean’s teaching style is effective and I look forward to his lessons, navigating through the material without any difficulties. Sean is a very positive person which makes it easier to learn. I highly recommend Sean to any student seeking quality tutoring.
Karina Dinca
Karina Dinca
Sean has done grinds with my brother last year and again this year. Sean is absolutely brilliant at what he does. My brother’s results have increased immensely since starting grinds with Sean and his understanding around the subject has grown as well. I would recommend Sean 100%! Best at what he does!
Lisa Reid
Lisa Reid
I would highly recommend Sean for maths grinds. My son said that Sean just explains things in a more understanding way, and he is getting a real grasp on maths now. So happy we found Sean, I can relax knowing my son is getting all the help he needs with maths.
Ilona Meskauskaite
Ilona Meskauskaite
My son very happy with his lessons and we can see he is benefitting for his maths lessons. We are very happy with service provided to our son.
Natalia Sliwa
Natalia Sliwa
Great Teachers, Sean and Abby, my son likes the lessons and is showing great improvement.
Wayne morris
Wayne morris
Excellent Maths grinds!! thought in a simple and structured way. I was having difficulty with maths in third level college when I reached out to Dublin Maths. I couldn’t recommend Dublin Maths enough!! They went above and beyond. Without their tuition, I feel that studying maths in engineering would have been a lot harder. Would highly recommend Dublin Maths if you need extra support.
Mary Tracey
Mary Tracey
My son has been with Sean since September, and I can’t say enough good things. He is very genuine and wants him to succeed as much as we do. He has given him great advice and tips and keeps us updated on his progress which is very refreshing. We feel very lucky to have come across Dublin Maths Grinds, it has made a big difference to our son and his confidence heading into LC. Thanks Sean & Alanna!
Irene Foley
Irene Foley
My daughter has been doing grinds since September for Higher level junior cycle and delighted to see the improvements in her results

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Our System

The Dublin Maths System.

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Learning Management

We offer unparalleled transparency and tracking, empowering students to enhance maths grades effortlessly. With meticulous attention to detail, we monitor every aspect of progress, and relay this information back to you.

Progress Tracker

If it’s not tracked, it can’t be improved. Our system ensures clear visibility of student progress, making trends readily identifiable and issues easily remediable.


1-1 Online Classes

We pride ourselves on delivering Ireland’s BEST 1-1 maths grinds. You simply can’t beat the individualism of 1-1 teaching.

Free Group Classes

As a member of Dublin Maths, you get access to FREE weekly live grinds. The best of both worlds. 

Free Ebooks

Dublin Maths have self published a series of new-wave textbooks, that blow the current options out of the water. Don’t beleive us? Get a free copy for yourself, or purchase the hardback at-cost, direclty online.

AI Question Generator

Completed Studyclix? Can’t do part (b) of a question? Our AI Question generator changed the game for studying. Get access to 100% accurate, unseen maths questions, at the touch of a button.

Why Choose Us

Dublin Maths Vs The Rest.

What advantages does Dublin Maths offer over other maths grinds companies?  Well, our group classes are free, our 1-1 classes are structured and tailored, and we have a no obligations, no contract commitment structure. It’s toughh to beat that!

Tailored 1-1 Classes

Free Weekly Group Classes

No Contracts

Maths grinds

Take Control Of Your Maths Grades.

Maths is different to other subjects. If something doesn’t make sense in Geography, you can usually recoup and self-study while the class moves onto the next chapter. With maths, this isn’t always so easy. Things can spiral out of control quickly. If you’re going to get maths grinds, you might aswell get them with Ireland’s best.

Dublin Maths Changes Lives

Students never look back. Parents never look back. Dublin Maths really is the difference maker.

1-1 Qualified Tutors

We hire 1 out of every 65 applicants. Our hand selected tutors are meticulously vetted and trained on our techniques and principles. 


When topics aren’t making sense in the traditional classroom, oftentimes students are in dire need of the stability and support that comes with having a 1-1 tutor.

No hidden fees

We believe in transparency and honesty. That’s why there are no hidden fees or surprises with our grinds.


The student’s progress is tracked and detailed, with pinpoint reporting, delivered weekly to your email.

Full Transparency

Classes are recorded. Content covered is documented. All chats are regularly monitored.

Easy Onboarding Process

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Tutors From Ireland's Top Universities


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer in person classes?

Our classes take place 100% online, eliminating travel times, and allowing students to take their lessons in the comfort of their own home!

What's included with my grind?

When taking grinds with Dublin Maths, each student is paired with a dedicated, personalised tutor who tailors their approach to meet individual needs. Scheduled sessions ensure consistent support, and 24/7 one-on-one chats provide an opportunity for students to delve into specific questions related to their current coursework.

Do you offer anything for free?

Yes! Free tier users get acces to all of our video courses, our learning management system, our ebook, and a weekly group grind. Not bad, eh?

How much are 1-1 grinds?

1-1 grinds are €45 per hour, and take place online with a highly personalised and qualified Dublin Maths tutor. Students maintain  support from their tutor outside of class hours through their 1-1 chatbox.

Can I do group classes?

Yes. And here’s the best part: THEY’RE FREE. Sign up for a Dublin Maths account and access our free online group classes

Ireland's Best Maths Grinds